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Welcome to the iTAAP - Information Technology Association of Andhra Pradesh (iTAAP) is the industry association for the IT, BPM and Electronics sectors in Andhra Pradesh. A not-for-profit organization funded by the industry, its objective is to foster growth and sustainable development of Information Technology (IT), IT Enabled Services and Electronics Industry in the state of Andhra Pradesh by working closely with the industry and the government.

iTAAP shall bring about change by engaging with Government on policy framework and design, enhancing growth, competitiveness and opportunities for IT, BPM and Electronics industry through enabling platforms and strategic partnerships.

iTAAP shall carry forward corporate initiatives for integrated and inclusive development across diverse areas including corporate social responsibility initiatives, talent engagement and skill development, employee engagement, academic institution support, startup ecosystem development, to name a few.

Vision & Mission


To act as a catalyst for the growth of IT, ITeS & Electronics industry and help build Andhra Pradesh as the most preferred destiny in the country.

Mission 2029

To become the state with the highest export turnover in IT, ITeS & Electronics in the country by the year 2029.

Why join iTAAP?

  • Platform to brand and gain visibility
  • One-stop point to voice your needs and concerns
  • Aggregator of needs and concerns from all and provide solutions
  • Support on talent acquisition and skill developmental necessities
  • Proactive networking opportunity with industry peers and government
  • Exposure to industry trends and best practices
  • Opportunities to entertain and motivate employee base
  • Collective bargaining opportunities
  • Talent supply chain integration platforms
  • Lobby with policy makers and be part of decision making

Major Objectives

  • To foster growth of Information Technology (IT), IT Enabled Services and Electronics Industry in Andhra Pradesh and contribute as an important element in the growth of GDP of the state of Andhra Pradesh by working closely with the government
  • Enable Andhra Pradesh as the preferred destination for investors in the IT, ITES & Electronics Industries through a balanced growth of the industry across the state
  • Collaborate with various national and state Industrial Associations/ Bodies and work towards a common objective of sustained growth and leadership
  • Work with policy makers in creating investor friendly policies that shall attract new investors and help grow existing investors
  • Help members to grow and enable platforms to create new business opportunities
  • Encourage and safeguard business interest of member companies engaged in Information Technology (IT), IT Enabled Services and Electronics sectors.
  • Work with partners in enhancing the skills of local talent and existing employee base
  • Enable platforms that shall help in creation of employment opportunities
  • Create a startup and innovation ecosystem across the state